XyCom (TM) TPE Blending

RTI’s XyComTM TPE Blending system produces the only 100% recycled thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) pellet in the world.

The XyComTM TPE pellet is produced with recycled cryo tire crumb rubber and recycled post-industrial or post-consumer plastic.

RTI has developed patent pending technology to produce XyComTM TPE pellets without using any additives.  RTI’s technology creates a complete chemical bond between the rubber & the plastic. Other people can produce recycled TPE’s but have to add up to 15% or more of chemical or biological additives such as compatabilizers, catalysts, or stabilizers.

RTI takes the output from the integrated Fine Mesh system (60 to 80- mesh) and blends it with recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) or with polypropylene (PP) in off the shelf twin screw extruders with specially configured screws.

Twin Screw extruders have been around since the 1950’s and are used worldwide to make anything from pasta to jet fuel.XyCom Components

RTI has signed a global Off Take Agreement with Vinmar Projects, Ltd. a Houston, TX based conglomerate (4+ billion USD sales). Vinmar will buy all of the XyComTM TPE pellets produced by a XyComTM TPE plant for the next 10 years on a take or pay basis with payment for the product backed by their Letter of Credit (LC).


The global Off Take Agreement removes the risk of selling the product and removes the receivables risk and makes this a very attractive investment.

A turnkey XyComTM TPE plant from RTI includes one Fine Mesh system and three XyComTM TPE Blending lines.

It produces approximately 100 million lbs. per year of XyComTM TPE pellets.

Based on a Net Back price of $0.60 USD per lb. under the Off Take Agreement, a XyComTM TPE plant will generate approximately $60+ million USD in revenue per year.

A turnkey XyComTM TPE plant can be a standalone installation or can be integrated with an RTI Primary system or an ambient system.

RTI’s turnkey solutions can be adapted to efficiently work in most plant layouts.

This is a simple representation of the XyComTM TPE blending process.

XyCom TPE Process Schematic


This is a 3D representation of a Blending Line and a picture of the inside of a twin screw extruder.

B&P CT70 2B&P CT70


This is a 3D model of a XyCom TPE Blending line.

Blending System Isometric 2

  Blending System Isometric 1


These are pictures from the pre-production plant in Michigan.

Blending Picture 2

Pilot Plant #5


This is a 2D model of a Blending plant being added onto an ambient primary system.

Ambient with Blending


This is a letter of recommendation.BP - RTI Compounding Performance


These videos will show you production of XyCom TPE at the B&P Process technical lab in Saginaw MI.

 XyCom TPE production at B&P Process

XyCom TPE production demo