Fine Mesh

The second value added technology is cryogenic Fine Mesh which uses plus 30 mesh rubber crumb from either an integrated RTI Primary system or it can be integrated and added on to a primary ambient system.

A  Fine Mesh cryogenic system uses the same concepts and technology as a Primary cryogenic system but does not have a shredder and granulator because it is processing only the crumb rubber produced in a primary system, which if it is from a cryo system is already 99.9% steel & fibre free.

The Fine Mesh system processes the rubber crumb input through a freezing chamber and one size reduction unit.

The input capacity to this system is 6,000 lbs. (2,725 kgs) per hour. If processing cryo crumb rubber as the input then the output would also be 6,000 lbs. per hour.

If processing ambient crumb rubber as input then the output would be less per hour because the Fine Mesh system will have to remove the wire from the ambient crumb input.

All components of the Fine Mesh solution are manufactured by third party contractors according to RTI drawings and specifications.  RTI receives, ships, assembles and installs these components at the customer’s facility and then trains managers and operators and commissions the system to provide a complete turnkey solution.

The 60- to 80- mesh output of the Fine Mesh is sent directly to a XyComTM TPE  system when the Fine Mesh is part of an integrated XyComTM TPE Blending Plant.  This plant requires three XyComTM TPE Blending Lines to utilize the capacity of the Fine Mesh.

Some customers buy the Fine Mesh system to produce 60 – to 80- mesh crumb for the tire industry where it is used in new tire tread.  There is a strong and growing market for rubber crumb in the 80- mesh or smaller mesh sizes.

This is a 3D model of a Fine Mesh system.

Fine Grind Layout Picture


Here is more detail on the same system.

AERPI final layout


Here is an endorsement letter.

AERP EndorsementThis is a 2D layout of a Fine Mesh system added to an ambient tire recycling system.

 Ambient with Blending