Since 1989 Jim Anderson, Chairman of RTI Cryogenics Inc., has been an international leader in the development of cryogenic tire recycling technology. The experience gained from designing, installing, managing and operating 19 cryogenic recycling plants around the world is unrivaled.

This experience has taught Jim that producing crumb rubber only is not a long term viable business proposition, that is why he has focused on developing Value Added Solutions.

RTI Cryogenics Inc. has successfully developed three technologies that now can make Tires to Polymers a profitable business investment.

RTI provides turnkey plants globally that integrate two or more of these three technologies.

The first technology is cryogenic Primary tire recycling which takes a whole tire and produces up to 5 sizes of crumb rubber up to 30- mesh crumb (like a grain of salt).  This is accomplished in a single step compared to ambient tire recycling which takes many steps to produce the same volume and same mix of crumb production.

The second is Fine Mesh which is a secondary cryogenic process which uses crumb rubber from 4+ mesh to 30 mesh as input and produces 60- to 80- cryo crumb rubber (like talcum powder).

The third is XyComTM TPE Blending which takes the output from the Fine Mesh and blends it with recycled post-industrial and post-consumer plastic to produce a XyComTM TPE pellet without any additives

A XyComTM TPE pellet is the only 100% recycled TPE in the world.

RTI’s profitable value added solutions are sold worldwide on a completely turnkey basis to end users and/or investors.

RTI also offers a PLANT MANAGEMENT CONTRACT to operate these plants on a best practices basis so the investor can be assured that the plant is running to maximize potential profits.


This is  3D isometric model of a complete turnkey plant with Primary, Fine Mesh and three XyCom Blending lines.

0117-10-Dec 02


This is a floor plan of the same layout.

Blending Plant - Floorspace